Real Estate Management Services

NCS works closely with our clients to adapt the real estate management services to the needs of the client. The flexibility of the in-house services offered by NCS allows the client to determine their own level of involvement in the management of their investment. The following is a list of the general categories of services provided by NCS.

NCS can provide property maintenance and operations services for your existing or new real estate property.

Let our in house maintenance and operations team handle all your building maintenance needs.

NCS specializes in real estate accounting and can handle all your real estate investment accounting and financial services.

Real Estate Management Services

Currently, Nevada Commercial Services, Inc. manages over 4.3 million square feet of combined office, retail, and industrial space; 871,200 square feet of self storage; and 40,450,304 square feet of commercial associations.

Enduring business relations, local market and industry knowledge, excellence in each field, and an entrepreneurial style to problem solving distinguishes Nevada Commercial Services, Inc. from any other real estate management office in Northern Nevada.  We have earned an outstanding reputation in our marketplace and have proven track records.  We believe that we can provide outstanding service in the management of your project.

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